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Best Swiss Ball Exercises For The Beginners 
What’s the deal with those big bouncy balls taking up space around the gym? Stability balls (aka exercise balls, balance balls, Swiss balls or fitness balls) are more than just fun to sit and bounce on; they’re a great way to improve strength, cardio endurance, and balance. By tackling basic moves ,like push-ups, squats, and planks, on an unstable surface, muscles get more bang for the buck (and who doesn’t want to be ready for the gun show in far less time?) .Stability balls are also great for getting back into shape after an injury because they can reduce muscle and spinal strain during certain movements .
To get the most from a bouncy fitness routine, make sure to choose the correct size stability ball (note: some moves below use a larger or smaller than normal ball. For most exercises, though, it's best to have correctly sized equipment). Most balls come in three diameters based on the user’s height: 55 cm for those between 4’11” and 5’4”, 65 cm for people between 5’4” and 5’7”, and 75 cm for tall drinks of water between 5’11” and 6’7”. A good rule of thumb for finding the right fit is to sit on the ball and make sure the hips and knees are at right angles with the floor.
Ready to go?
Here are some exercises for you!Enjoy them!

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Perfect shape 
When we see a person with excess weight, we can say with a certainty that this person has a very slow metabolism. This means that his body very slowly (or rather ineffectively) exploits the consumed calories.Reasons we can find on many different fronts. But first thing what comes to my mind is that this person is not moving too much. Typically this person is doing some office job and whole day he is in front of computer or dealing with bunch of papers. If he is not at work probably he is sitting in front of TV and watching his favorite TV shows or soap operas.
Along with the fact that he is sitting whole day probably he is also eating junk food which goes very good with sitting in front of TV. Some sport? Probably not, the top sport for him is when his friends call him to go out and grab couple of beers.
Above profile, and the pattern of behavior, unfortunately is typical for many countries.
So, there are a few basic fronts from which we can stimulate faster metabolism in our body:
1. Proper diet
2. Appropriate physical activity
3. Supplementation

The first step that should be taken at all, is to establish a constant flow of nutrients to the body, from the beginning of the day until bedtime. Otherwise, the body thinks in this way: “This is not normal! Gave me food 24 hours ago, who knows when I’ll get food again, it is better to keep what I have …” And so the body, ready reserve for “rainy day” in the form of what is called beer holders, love handles.Only an increase in the number of meals per day (5-6 or more) without being too careful what we eat, wake up your metabolism and your body will liven up.
When we came up with nutrition, we have solved only part of the story about the acceleration of metabolism, the segment that prevents the formation of new fat surpluses. But now we have to spend a fatty surpluses that are already here. We will get that with a certain intensity of physical activity.
According to the NSCA, renowned personal trainer association, sedentary lifestyle have individuals who do not participate in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity three times a week continuously for at least 3 months. Thus the vast majority of people I know are sedentary and that way of life is not in favor of speeding up the metabolism.
Why is supplementation necessary if we want to accelerate our metabolism? The high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that is ideal for speeding up metabolism is deficient in terms of some micronutrients and should be compensated. So we need to make an extra, in the form of supplements. In addition, in such a diet regime, we need to bring extra essential fatty acids (omega-3). The following group of supplements are the supplements we are taking to make effects which will help to raise metabolism to a higher level. These supplements are caffeine and green tea. There are many fat burners on the market that can speed up metabolism. However, in choosing you need to consult because a good portion of such preparations simply does not work, in the best case they have placebo effect.
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