This year, the National Paragliding Championship comes to Brasov 
The city of Brasov is the county seat of maybe the most attractive and versatile region of the country, from a pilot’s point of view, the Brasov county.
Because of the fact that the surroundings of Brasov include both plains and mountain ranges, the region houses, annually, numerous free flight competitions and air shows, the air shows taking place regularly on the two infrastructures of the Brasov Territorial Airfield (Aerodromul Teritorial Brasov), located nearby from Brasov, in Sânpetru and Ghimbav.
The camp will be set at Sânpetru airfield, renowned airfield for it’s history in the field of gliding.

Paragliding in Romania Brasov Tampa from avadanei eugen on Vimeo.

Paragliding Sites for Brasov Open 2013

1. Bunloc Paragliding Site

The Bunloc takeoff spot is the oldest and most widely used in Brasov, it has been housing free flight competitions (mostly hanggliding) since the late 70's.
Orientation – N, NW, W
Altitude – 1200m
Coordinates –N 45° 36' 18.6" E025 ° 39' 33.4"

2. Postavaru Paragliding Site – Poiana Brasov

Postavaru Paragliding Site is by far the most developed and praised mountain resort of the country. The massif houses three takeoff spots and is the most popular Romanian destination for winter sports enthusiasts, rock climbers and paraglider pilots alike, making the location the most accessible and friendly place out there.
Access is done by the north, mellower side of the mountain, through three cable transport setups. The north side of the mountain also is subject to another national record, the mountain resort with the most and most varied restaurants and accommodation means in the country.
The south (steeper) side is dominated by raw wilderness, dense forests and rock walls, setting an impressive landscape for the airborne observer. The mountain also houses some of the most praised speedfly lines in the region.

Orientation – N, NW, SE
Altitude – 1750m
Coordinates – N 45° 34' 05.02" E 025° 33' 57.65"

Paragliding in Fagaras - proximity flight

Paragliding fly Brasov Extremwings

Paragliding in Romania Brasov Bunloc

Paragliding in Romania Brasov Bunloc from avadanei eugen on Vimeo.

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