Cricketer Sarah Elliott scored her century between breastfeeds 
Sarah Elliott, the Australian cricketer who this week scored an international debut century at the women's Ashes while breastfeeding her nine-month-old baby during the lunch and tea breaks, may well have impressed her friends back in Victoria , but they would not have been surprised.
It is common knowledge at her cricket club in Dandenong, Victoria, that she was back in the gym just six weeks after giving birth to her son, Sam.

Commonwealth Bank Southern Star Elyse Villani launches her video series from the Ashes Tour of England with a chat with Sarah Elliot and her family.

Throughout her pregnancy Elliott maintained her determination to play for Australia, and this week she scored 95 runs before stumps after getting up four times the previous night to feed Sam. Her husband took over the next night so she could complete her ton in the morning.

Kelly Applebee, the captain of the VicSpirit one-day cricket team said about her: “She always wants to bowl the best and bat the best.She's very gracious. I don't think I have ever heard her sledge. She might sometimes disagree, but in all the years I've been playing alongside her she hasn't said a bad word about anyone.She can sometimes be grumpy though.”

Applebee said Elliott was so committed to the game that she would live in Victoria for a few months to be near the club, and then go back to Darwin, where her husband works.

"I don't have kids myself, but many people have said to me they struggled just to get dressed when their babies were nine months old, so to come out and play cricket for Australia is incredible," Applebee said. "Since she had Sam she has told me she still has a little more in the tank."
She said Elliott would have been back in the gym sooner than six weeks after giving birth if her doctor had agreed.

Sarah Elliott is on the verge of her maiden Test century, sitting on 95 not out at stumps on day one of the Ashes Test at Wormsley.

Elliott on verge of maiden Test century

Elliott told the Guardian on Monday that Sam was yet to sleep through the night but she was still feeling confident about her batting.

"It's great to make the most of what might be my only opportunity," she said.

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Louis Vuitton campaign: Carolyn, Gisele, Isabeli and Karen 

A glamorous collection is to be looked out for in this fall / winter ad campaign of the luxurious Louis Vuitton, which features the finest supermodels – namely Gisele Bündchen, Carolyn Murphy, Isabeli Fontana and Karen Elson – all looking near dentical with their fringed bob cuts.
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The Makings Of Jagger’s Tour Wardrobe Revealed 

MICK JAGGER called on the help of his long-term partner L'Wren Scott to create his glittering outfits for The Rolling Stones' Glastonbury and Hyde Park performances. Ensembles include a big gorilla coat covered in hand-embroidered ostrich feathers, and a black jacket decorated with colourful butterfly motifs, a reference to the hundreds of cabbage white butterflies that were released at the band's first Hyde Park concert in 1969 - in memory of guitarist Brian Jones who died two days before the show.

Scott and Jagger focused on the smallest of details - the frontman's green Glastonbury jacket was adorned with oak leaves, a design Scott describes as "glamouflage".

The singer - who will perform with the Stones once again at Hyde Park on Saturday night - enjoyed the design process and having such an eclectic wardrobe to choose from.
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