Hard Enduro Red Bull Romaniacs 2013 
Winning the fourth and final day of racing at the Red Bull Romaniacs, Graham Jarvis cemented himself as the most successful rider in the ten-year history of the event by collecting his fourth victory.

Going into the final day of racing with a healthy lead, Jarvis looked almost assured of the win. But knowing that anything can happen in Hard Enduro, the Brit maintained his unrelenting pace. Setting off first on the road, Jarvis stayed out front for the entire day.

Entering the finishing arena in Dealul Guşteriţei (Sibiu, Romania), the Husaberg rider breezed his way up the near vertical hill climb before riding into the winner's enclosure as this year's Red Bull Romaniacs' champion.
Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before.
Check out the best action of the Red Bull Romaniacs 2013!
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The sexiest workout on the beach 
Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley has an amazing warm-up routine before she competed at this year's Supergirl Pro contest that took place August 2-4, 2013 at Oceanside Pier.
She has gathered over 500.000 views and 1.700 likes in less than 24 hours.

I don't think she had any idea she was doing this, or that someone was filming!!

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Apple’s OS “Mavericks”  

Apple has always been the gold standard for hip artists everywhere.

I am writing on a MacBook Pro right now and, I believe, it is running OSX v10.7, also called “Mountain Lion.” Before “Mountain Lion” there was “Lion,” “Snow Leopard,” “Leopard,” “Tiger,” “Panther,” “Jaguar,” “Puma,” “Cheetah” and “Kodiak” — as in “bear.” Spirit animals of the creative class. Dion Agius, the “Wombat” of professional surfing uses a MacBook and so does the “Kitty Kat” Dane Reynolds.

And even though Steve Jobs is dead, Apple is releasing its next operating system soon. Guess what it is called? “Mavericks!” (Not “Maverick’s” so they don’t have to pay Jeff Clark a licensing fee, I assume.) Wow! Has any spot had a better year? First there was Chasing Maverick’s and now this. Mavericks! Dion Agius will use Mavericks and so will Dane Reynolds. I will, too. I wonder if that makes Peter Mel mad? I wonder if Flea is going to want to slap me when my blog, built out at Mavericks, smashes his? That is the thing about having an amazing year. Hip artists come right out of the woodwork and take over, leaving locals frustrated!
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