An urban weekend of parkour, hip hop and BMX at the Southbank Centre 

In one hip-hoppin’, body-poppin’, battle-toppin’ bonanza the South Bank turns street this weekend in a celebration of all that is ‘Urban’. And before you start cringing at that word, this actually does look good!

There will be a chance to explore the concrete playground with Parkour workshops and displays, a hip hop theatre show, and a Pedal Powered Cinema (screening skate, BMX, parkour and graffiti films under Hungerford Bridge). There will be a tonne of competitions too, with all-girl ‘b:Supreme’ break-dancing battles, hip hop poetry slams on a pop-up basketball court, and the jaw-dropping BMX stunt championship, Battle Royal.

While practiced dancers can hone their moves with old-school b-boy Pervez and ‘Got To Dance’ star Mechanikool, even novices can take part in a recreation of Michael Jackson’s iconic ‘Thriller’ routine. And left-footed Londonders – do not fear – you can still admire the dance performances in a Streetdance Showcase.
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