Traveling in Romania (or why to wake up and live) 

St. Augustine once said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” And indeed, it broadens your horizons and perspective, reminds us we are not the only ones on the planet. But travel is visual as well. A good photo may change your perspective about the place, people and their culture. Ok, so what about Romania then? Is this a country? Why should I plan a trip for such a place? What to see and do? Ok, so let’s find out what internet is hiding...

Anyway, after a simple and quick search, everything I could find online is how you can travel in Romania, not how is travel in Romania. And because I am the most sensitive girl on the planet, who previously lived on a puffy cloud I’m asking myself how can I avoid being molested by Dracula, bears, heat wave, dogs etc. because Romania is where communism and vampires live — not somewhere you travel for fun.


My principal aim for this post is to show readers a different image and perception about travel, culture, lifestyle and social development, an alternative to Wikipedia, internet forums, newspapers.

As being said, Romania is actually one of my favorite countries in Europe. Believe it or not in Romania you can find more than lots of cheesy Dracula tourism. I associate this country with the holiday you could do again and again, each time in a different way because there are so many things to do and see. It’s cool, beautiful, easy to travel, cheap, ready for tourism, not crowded yet and everyone speaks english. Moreover, traveling in Romania will enhance your ability and willingness to adapt to new environments; it will give you the self-confidence to make decisions in risky situations; it will improve your ability to take on new projects, decisions and it will help your understanding of diverse traditions and habits. As a result of this, you will come back home with a new sense of being more mature, both personally and intellectually with a deeper understanding for people, nature or biodiversity.

For photographers, Romania is without doubt one of the most remarkable places to do photography in Europe. That’s why in Romania are the most talented nature photographers I’ve ever seen. As I’m addicted to out-of-the-way places, I decided to do a quick search for photos taken in this country, so I easily found Adrian Petrisor, Sorin Oprisor, Mircea Bezergheanu. They held several brilliant portfolios.

As in every country in the world, the real beauty of Romania lies in its landscapes, people, their culture and nature and it can really defy your expectations. You travel through medieval towns, charming countryside, unique mountains, tasty food and most important – people very friendly who will undoubtedly be happy to see you and have a drink and a talk about… bit of everything :)

So, if you’ve ever considered exploring Romania and its neighbours, you should go right now. Your trip in Romania will be not just a journey in a foreign country but a good and a hard course, because what you will learn there, is unfortunately not thought in any university class.

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O cascadă din România a fost declarată cea mai frumoasă din lume! 
Cunoscută de prea puțini dintre noi, cascada Bigăr din Caraș Severin a fost declarată cea mai frumoasă din lume.
Site-ul ''The World Geography'' a plasat minunata cădere de apă, fruntașă într-un top în care figurează destinații consacrate, din Statele Unite ale Americii, Filipine sau Australia. Dar, așa cum era de așteptat, locul de o rară frumusețe este lăsat de izbeliște. De mai bine de 20 de ani, în zonă nu s-a făcut nicio investiție.
La 12 kilometri de localitatea Bozovici, se aude susurul cascadei Bigăr, o minunăție care face parte din Parcul Natural Cheile Nerei-Beușnița. Apa izvorăste de la 200 de metri altitudine și se varsă în râul Miniș, de pe o stâncă acoperită cu mușchi.
"Cascada Bigăr este unică prin modul de a curge, peste mușchi curge apa. Un izbuc mai sus la vreo 200 de metri, izbuc inseamnă că sare din pământ", explică o profesoară elevilor.
Membrii unei familii din Tulcea recunosc că înainte de a apărea în topul celor de la ''The World Geography'' nu știau prea multe despre acest loc.

Natura ne-a ajutat, însă din păcate nu am făcut nimic să punem în valoare asemenea frumusețe. Cei de la Parcurile Naționale nu au bani de investiții, așa că o soluție ar fi fondurile europene.
Până atunci însă, cea mai bună promovare o face site-ul ''The World Geography''. Turiști din toată lumea iși exprimă deja entuziasmul.
Pe locul doi în acest clasament care ne onorează se află Eternal Flame Falls din Statele Unite ale Americii, urmată de cascada Asik-Asik din Filipine, Horizontal Falls din Australia și Blood Falls din Antartica.
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