Not Only FitnesS T-ShirtS 

We sell t-shirts because we reckon that they are one of the last bastions of personal choice. A t-shirt design or cut says a whole load about you. We love the difference!
We are located in all the the world, we work on internet. We love it here!
Our Not Only Fitness t-shirts are sized for two categories: men of all ages who desire a youthful fit and women of all ages who do not desire the form-fitting look of Classic Girl, but refuse to wear the oversized, unshapely T-shirts of the other leading brands.

Girly Fit
Classic Girl is our young women’s line. Sizing is always controversial when it comes to women’s tees, so please excuse our directness.
Classic Girl is not a “junior’s” line. It is designed for women of all ages who desire a youthful fit. Because our fabrics are stretchy, each size can fit a wide range of women.

The V-Neck version of our unisex/men’s T-shirt. I could write some new copy about how amazing they are, but it would be pretty much the same as the above.
Sizing, fabric and fit are all exactly the same, though unfortunately larger sizes, and some colors are not available. If you’re getting a sense of deja vu, you’re probably right.

Just one more thing
Care Instructions / Washing Information
We advise you cold wash your garments and hang them out to dry. It’ll keep them super soft, looking their best and it’s even good for the environment!

Our Commitment to Customer Service
We want all our customers to be completely satisfied. If there’s anything we can do to improve your experience with us then please let us know.
If you’ve been a customer for some time you might feel a bit awkward giving us bad news but please don’t. Good, bad or ugly, we’d like to hear it, because we’d rather have the chance to put things right than lose you as a customer.
If you have ideas about how we could change or add to what we do - please tell us those too.
And unlike some companies that ask for feedback but never seem to do anything about it, we’re committed to taking notice of everything we receive. When you submit feedback, it goes into our CustomerSure tracking system which helps us all to learn from it and act on it.
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